There’s Something About a Windy Day…

Is it the fact that the world stops playing by the rules?

Toys left over from sunnier days shuffle across your yard. Fallen leaves gain a life of their own as they fly past like a shoal of fish. Neat haircuts and sharp tailoring are ruffled and re-styled.

I’ve no idea what it is about a windy day but I know its effect on my three year old, is that he’s a lot more excited.

It’s as if the wind whispers to him of adventures.

So together we headed out to one of my favourite places – a park in our city. It’s a place I’ve strolled through, hand in hand, with my husband before he was even my husband. Its the place I marched around (sleep deprived) with a wakeful crotchety newborn while envying those mothers snug indoors with a cappuccino and more sleepful children. It’s the place that my son learnt his first word (duck) and practised his first faltering steps (chasing after the ducks!).

More recently it’s been the place my son’s been learning to ride a bike and it’s the place I’ve seen him grow increasingly more confident and start to spread his wings as the gaps between us start to visibly stretch.

This park is littered with my memories and I love it because of that and it’s absolutely at its best on a windy autumn day!

And so we pause at my favourite spot. There’s nothing of note here, in fact it’s more like a pause – the unused line between paragraphs.

Behind us there are paths to run along, leaves to kick and if you’re lucky and an ice cream van waiting.

If you look carefully ahead, between the branches of the trees you’ll see a duck pond. Further on there’s a cafe which serves my son’s favourite meal, a cute little corner with a few fairground rides and, further on still, a playground.

But here in the gap we’re just pausing. Knowing all that’s ahead but enjoying the moment. Me with my son, and my son with a stick. Lovely crunchy leaves under our feet and a whispering wind carrying promises of untold adventures to come.

Welcome to my world, jump right in – the water’s lovely. And there’s always room for another at our table…